I’m Dan Richardson. I’m currently a Design Manager at Bluebeam and I live in Northeast Los Angeles with my wife, two children and two dogs.

Right now I am focused on learning and implementing as much as I can in regards to Design Systems, DesignOps and Design Leadership. Buzzwords, I know, but my desire is to build great diverse teams - advocate for them and support them so they can do their best work. All while continuing to advocate for and facilitate great design at the organizational level, too.




His contributions as both a Designer and Design Leader at Bluebeam have been instrumental in helping to not only grow and establish our Design practice but also in helping to drive adoption of a truly user-centered design approach across disciplines.
— Susanne Soliman of Bluebeam, Inc.
Dan exudes passion for UX Design and is always eager to strengthen his craft ... he is also an excellent coach and mentor for other budding designers.
— Catharine Fung of Sony Pictures Entertainment
Dan is an extremely talented and creative UX designer with excellent critical thinking and analytical skills. As a team leader and project manager he is professional, reliable, and unflappable, a stabilizing force on any creative team.
— Julian Scaff of General Assembly


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