Clean Sweep

General Assembly UX-WDI Hackathon

Goal:  With Earth Day in mind, create a mobile website and/or app that makes saving the world fun.  Teams must be able to develop a working prototype within the allotted 6 hour timeframe.

Scope:  6 Hours     Role:  Lead UX/UI

Team:  Dan Richardson (UX), Simon Hwang (UX), Jeff Kang (UX), Carlos Borges (WD) & Carlos Felix (WD)


While considering our limited timeframe, our team decided that the easiest way to create a fun and educational experience would be to create a children's game.  We chose to focus on the topic of waste creation, recycling and composting. 


All five members of our team went off separately to sketch out their vision for the structure of the game so that we could come together with a unified plan going forward.  While 4 of the 5 sketches went in one direction, we ended up selecting the outlier as our choice after consulting with the developers on our team.


We wanted to be able to take our users on an educational journey that would keep them engaged and informed.  We prioritized features that would help inform the user about their progress as well has controlling the gameplay.  The idea of changing the background to a different scene/theme for each level only helped add to the story we were trying to tell.


We wanted to create a spiral progression as users continued to advance through the levels.  We weren't able to create the final screen which would have included a fact about trash production as well as a "how you can help" tip.

Introduction Screen --> Gameplay Screen --> Decision Screen --> Information / CTA Screen


After all groups voted we came away with a 2ND PLACE finish, but most importantly I think we created an interesting concept that could continue to be built out and eventually released!